1. Scrupulousness 

The essential objective of anybody working in drug store is to administer medicine in a speedy and exact way. Exactness is more significant. Giving the client the correct prescription and the correct dose can be a genuine immeasurably significant issue. A few meds have genuine or deadly results when a patient joins them with different drugs or takes them in enormous portions. An eye for detail and remaining alarm will work well for you in a drug store. These abilities are fundamental whether you're disseminating prescription or placing tolerant data into the PC. 

  1. PC Literacy 

Most drug stores today are associated with the web. PCs permit clinical suppliers to send solutions electronically. In like manner, PCs likewise consider simpler capacity of client information, protection data and stock checks. You should be happy with utilizing a PC on the off chance that you intend to work in a drug store. 

  1. Solid Math And Science Skills 

Albeit a large portion of the work is done by means of PC, drug store work requires the capacity to perform computations explicit to prescription. You should get rates, portions and units of estimation. You additionally need a strong information on science, life structures and physiology to see how the body responds to various drugs. Drug specialists utilize these abilities to figure dosages and study tolerant profiles, but at the same time they're helpful abilities for drug store specialists. 

  1. Capacity To Operate Pill Counting Machines 

In certain drug stores, the pill checking is as yet done by hand by the drug specialist. By and large, the drug specialist designates those obligations to a confirmed drug store tech who utilizes a pill tallying machine to take care of business. The pill checking machines offer more exact, more effective tallying. Working the pill tallying machines requires some preparation, both in school and at work. 

  1. Great Interpersonal Skills 

Regardless of how learned you are about medication and the human life systems, you should have the option to cooperate well with the clients. Solid correspondence and relational abilities are crucial for working effectively in wellbeing related settings. You will interface with individuals consistently, including your associates, patients, doctors and other medical services experts. Individuals who work in a drug store fill in as a group, so you should have a group situated way to deal with your work. Drug specialists and drug store specialists are significant individuals from the medical care local area. The positions incorporate a wide scope of obligations, from taking stock, to administering meds and keeping records. With the fundamental abilities recorded above – scrupulousness, PC proficiency, a solid foundation in math and science, knowledge of pill checking machines and brilliant relational abilities – you'll be more than arranged to handle the different occupation obligations. While you become familiar with an extraordinary arrangement about the work in school, you'll learn substantially more hands on when what you've considered consolidates with genuine experience. 

  6. Viable Communication

You ought to be a sympathetic and humane audience. As an individual from a medical services group, you ought to have the option to speak with propriety and strategy. You ought to be amicable and intelligent with patients and different individuals from the group. 

 7. Critical thinking

While managing patients, collaborators, specialists and medical attendants, you ought to have the enthusiastic development to tackle clashes that may happen with patients, insurance agencies or between colleagues. 

8. Stress Management

A drug store can be an upsetting work environment, with extended periods of standing, playing out various errands with most extreme exactness. You are relied upon to oversee pressure and capacity with a wonderful manner consistently. 

9. Flexibility

As a drug store tech you ought to be versatile to change. You should be productive and should show activity to adjust to new methodology and new position settings. 

10.Consistent Learning

Learning the names of new medications and clinical wording is fundamental in the steadily developing drug world. You ought to have an intrinsic capacity to learn and hold data. 

11.Hierarchical Skills

Loading racks with provisions, maintaining medication compartments in control, attaching printed marks on containers, keeping stock information very much refreshed are a portion of the assignments which go into keeping the drug store coordinated. 

12. Cooperation and Team Work: 

You are needed to work together with different individuals and work all together group. You ought to have the option to take headings, embrace extra obligations and envision drug specialists and colleague's necessities.

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