1. Unix 

Here's the means by which Unix is utilized in Unix Consultant occupations: 

  • Created code which empowered faculty inexperienced with UNIX to play out the assignments required for the change at a diminished expense. 
  • tutored level 1 and 2 help specialized form groups on business Windows and Unix worker assemble norms and other stockpiling required utilities. 
  • Design and direct SAN climate comprising of XP512, StorageTek L700 tape storehouse, Brocade switches, Unix and NT workers. 
  • Prepared 2 educators on SCO UNIX and showed sequential classes for a normal of 24 understudies for a scholastic term. 
  1. Linux 

Here's the means by which Linux is utilized in Unix Consultant occupations: 

  • Helped with the underlying strides of the CONVERSION undertaking to change AIX and LINUX workers over to a virtual climate. 
  • Performed framework organization of workers by utilizing Operating Systems of Red Hat Linux early forms 8/9, RHEL 4. 
  • Worked on Linux workers as on required premise, updating firmware and performing OS overhauls. 
  • Given worker arrangement/arrangement, investigating for Oracle RAC cuts off running Oracle Linux. 
  1. Reinforcement 

Here's the means by which Backup is utilized in Unix Consultant occupations: 

  • Kept up and analyze every day reinforcement issues and work on goal deliberately. 
  • Altered the menus and contents in COMPUTRON for on line reinforcement of delicate information documents prior to posting. 
  • Led examinations for reinforcement issues (breaks, and so forth) 
  • Oversee HP Open view Data Protector Backup for 100 customers on Copan VTLS. 
  1. Equipment 

Here's the manner by which Hardware is utilized in Unix Consultant occupations: 

  • Arranged specific equipment for top of the line workers. 
  • Bought equipment and programming to fabricate 2 labs, workers, center points, links, scaffolds and smaller than expected switch. 
  • Planned and actualized a VOIP project, choosing equipment and programming required. 
  • Suggested and introduced all Red Hat workers dependent on HP ProLiant equipment. 
  1. AIX 

Here's the manner by which AIX is utilized in Unix Consultant occupations: 

  • Archived and given the strategies on AIX, TSM to the customer's heads and prepared them on keeping up their frameworks. 
  • Direct support levels overhaul on the P690/Regatta-2 from AIX v 5.2.2 to 5.2.6. 
  • Made mount focuses for Server catalogs, mounted these registries on AIX. 
  • Prepared the customer's Administrator on AIX and HACMP. 
  1. Foundation 

Here's the way Infrastructure is utilized in Unix Consultant occupations: 

  • Designed and sent frameworks and foundation. 
  • Designed and kept up the RackSpace, distant and neighborhood office network framework, including a SonicWall firewall. 
  • Give educate in the creation with respect to arrange and framework foundation and organization stockpiling gadgets. 
  • Executed foundation for information warehousing project utilizing ESCON for information store to MF network. 
  1. SAN 

Here's the way SAN is utilized in Unix Consultant occupations: 

  • Executed Backup/Recovery and Disaster Recovery plans using SAN innovation. 
  • Helped and working with designers in various ventures with improvement issues including more than 1 TB of information synchronization on SAN climate. 
  • Kept up NAS 6140 and SAN Hitachi stockpiling design and prerequisites. 
  • Added SAN Storage including ASM circles, and so forth 
  1. Information base 

Here's the means by which Database is utilized in Unix Consultant occupations: 

Changed over a library of inheritance ETL contents to utilize new data set framework, improving execution of the frameworks impressively. 

Planned and built up an Oracle resource data set involved 15 tables and 15 inspecting tables and a few thousand records. 

Played out the organization of the Domain Name Server and arrangement of the Database Files for BrightStor. 

Created shell contents to run data set cycles out of sight and mechanize other data set update undertakings. 

  1. Arrangement 

Here's the manner by which Setup is utilized in Unix Consultant occupations: 

Plan and answer for disassembly and combination for VCS 5.0 Cluster arrangement of SAP Applications. 

Introduced and arrangement Windows NT clients with a X-windows emulator for getting to the SUN frameworks. 

Reestablish slammed frameworks, arrangement reinforcements for workgroups, get ready frameworks for HP OpenView establishment. 

Planned, introduced and arrangement encoded POS workers incorporated with Ab Initio in Corporate Datacenter and 4690 regulators in the stores. 

  1. Debacle Recovery 

Here's the means by which Disaster Recovery is utilized in Unix Consultant occupations: 

  • Overseen Network availability, usage, mix and Troubleshooting for workers, distant access, and Disaster Recovery and Storage gadgets. 
  • Suggested and reported a reinforcement/fiasco recuperation answer for non-specialized clients. 
  • Assembled prerequisites and specialized information for debacle recuperation plans. 
  • Helped with planning of fiasco recuperation site. 
  1. Circle 

Here's the means by which Disk is utilized in Unix Consultant occupations: 

  • Make Oracle ASM circle bunch on RHEL 6 for DBA. 
  • Given remediate activities by means of EMC power way and HP plate issues discovered during blackout testing. 
  • Added Clariion and Symmetrix plate to bundles, including the refreshing of circle gatherings, and so on 
  • Confirmed provisioning, including organization and plate pathing from working framework to Symmetrix or Clariion. 
  1. Perl 

Here's the manner by which Perl is utilized in Unix Consultant occupations: 

  • Introduce, design and oversee web (intermediary) workers utilizing Apache and Perl scripting. 
  • United KSH, CSH, SH, BASH, anticipate, C, PLSQL, and awk contents to Perl. 
  • Created utilities, korn and perl contents and formats for use in the progress of centralized computer JCL to a Solaris climate. 
  • Modified in Perl for robotized working framework upkeep refreshed and computerized Backup report assessments. 
  1. EMC 

Here's the manner by which EMC is utilized in Unix Consultant occupations: 

  • Fix and bundles establishment and the board, License the executives and Vendor Products like EMC POWER PATH, VERITAS, and NDM. 
  • Finished destroy of HPUX Service Guard group and appropriate evacuation of EMC drives. 
  • Kept up client records, printers and reinforcements utilizing EMC Legato. 
  • Introduce applications for Application Development groups Install EMC patches. 
  1. Hp-Ux 

Here's the means by which Hp-Ux is utilized in Unix Consultant occupations: 

  • Made new mechanization contents for HP-UX worker support. 
  • Introduced and kept up HP-UX Operating System accepting administration tribute for lessening personal time to approach zero. 
  • Directed HP-UX framework answerable for supporting creation at nearby cell phone gathering plant. 
  • Directed Enterprise class HP-UX workers in a high accessibility climate supporting basic venture applications. 
  1. Vmware 

Here's the manner by which Vmware is utilized in Unix Consultant occupations: 

  • Designed, introduced and kept up VMware ESX and ESXi workers. 
  • Make and administrate Virtual RHEL Machines on VMware ESXi 5.1. 
  • Assess worker solidification alternatives for VMware groups, Solaris SPARC, Solaris x86, Red Hat, and Windows workers. 
  • Made Red cap Linux workers on VMWARE ESXI (virtual) and Physical workers.

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